Friday, July 21, 2006

from the Ensign:

  • Bishop Richard C. Edgeley, "A Still, Small Voice, and a Throbbing Heart," May 2005, 10.
  • Todd A. Knowles, "Elijah Nurtures Faith, " July 2002, 43.
  • Cheryl C. Lant, "Lessons for the Old Testament: Following the Holy Ghost," July 2006, 64.
  • President Boyd K. Packer, " The Gift of the Holy Ghost," August 2006, 46.
From elsewhere:

  • Baker, Tony. "Elijah: A God Just Like His," Evangel 20. 1 (Spring 2002): 2-4.
  • "Giving, Pouring, Sharing." Christian Science Monitor Oct. 23, 1996: 17.
  • Herr, Denise Dick. "Variations of a Pattern: 1 Kings 19." Journal of Biblical Literature 104.2 (June 1985): 292-294.
  • Hyman, Frieda Clark. "Elijah: Accuser and Defender." Judiaism 39.3 (Summer 1990): 282-295.
  • Levine, Nachman. "Twice As Much of Your Spirit: Pattern, Parallel and Paronomasia in the Miracles of Elijah and Elisha." Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 85 (Sept. 1999): 25-46.
  • Roberts, Kathryn L. "God, Prophet, and King: Eating and Drinking on the Mountain in First Kings 18:41." The Catholic Bible Quarterly 62.4 (Oct. 2000): 632-644.
  • Tabor, James D. "'Returning to the Divinity' Josephus's Portrayal of the Disappearances of Enoch, Elijah, and Moses," Journal of Biblical Literature 108.2 (Summer 1989): 225-238.
  • Yancey, Philip. "The Jesus We Never Got." Christianity Today Dec. 8 1997: 88.


Robert C. said...


Wow, I just found these posts of yours, they're phenomenal! I esp. like the journal article links—please keep 'em coming. I hope you don't mind if I link to these lessons at Jim F.'s T&S lessons....

Wendy Austin said...

Robert C.,

Thanks a lot! Glad you like 'em. I really enjoy doing the flyers and the research. I have easy access to those articles through my university's library via my faculty status, although when they're available, I'm going to try to find the same "free-range" articles to link on the web. I read Times and Seasons occasionally too; I certainly don't mind if you link to them. That's why I post these things so others can get something out of them, too. When I started teaching the Gospel Doctrine class, I really got a lot out of Bill Beardall's posted lessons, so when I started mine, I thought I'd make them available online as well. Thanks again for the post.

Robert C. said...

I also have easy university-access to journal articles. Because others probably don't have as easy of access, I usually try to summarize the most interesting points of articles I read at the Feast wiki and then link to what I post at the T&S lessons for others' benefit (here's an example I just did on the "double portion" in 2 Kgs 2:9)....

Jim F. said...

I'm very glad that Robert C. linked here. I think that your flyers are wonderful. Thanks for producing them. Am I right to assume that I can make copies of them for my class?

The Monk said...

Very nice stuff! I'm curious what database you use to find these articles, since I also have university access.

Wendy Austin said...

Anyone can copy and use my flyers. I would like my name to still be on them (it's on each flyer, so it's automatically that way), but other than that, anyone teaching or being a student of a Gospel Doctrine class is welcome to copy them off for one or all members. That's why I post them. I did it originally to save copying so that I could make a consistent number of copies each class time, and then say, if I ran out, that there are more copies on the web that they can print off. So can anyone who teaches, for your classes as well. For the international folks and people who are not on the same, I will post a Publisher file up here as well so you can tailor the dates if you wish.

Wendy Austin said...

Those who have university access to subscription services with databases: I use EBSCOhost at my university and check both the Academic Search Premier database and especially the Religion and Philosphy Collection, and sometimes the Essay and General Literature Index. The Religion/Philosophy Collection claims to access 300 full-text journals, 250 of them peer-reviewed.