Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lesson 33: "Sharing the Gospel with the World" [.pdf]

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I chose the name Jonah for "Today's Word" because it means dove or turtle-dove, and makes me think of the dove that Noah sent out from the ark to find land. He sent it out twice and the first time it came back (indicating it hadn't found its goal--dry land), while the second time it did not, indicating that it had. It is fitting that Jonah's name means "dove," in that he is a sign. Jonah is like a sign to the Ninevites, a warning that if they did not repent, God would destroy them. Jesus, in Luke 11: 29-30, says to the people that they are a wicked generation, because they want signs to warn them, but that no sign except for the "sign of Jonah" will warn them, and in this case, the son of Man was a"sign of Jonah" for this generation.

Some Ensign articles that are useful for this lesson include:

  • Marion D. Hanks, "I Will Look Unto the Lord," Nov. 1986, 11.
  • Keith Meservy, "The Peaceful Life Through Reconciliation: Five Stories from the Old Testament," July 1986, 19.
  • Elder Juan Uceda, "Jonah and the Second Chance," Sept. 2002, 26.
Other articles that are useful include the following:

  • Kinast, Robert L. “Jonah: The Minister’s Anti-Hero,” The Clergy Journal April 2004: 19-20.
  • Steenbrink, Karel, “Jonah: From a Prophetic Mission in Reverse to Inter-Religious Dialogue,” International Review of Mission 41.360: 41-51.
  • Stevens, Jarrett. “The Crybaby Prophet. ” Campus Life Nov./Dec. 2005: 8.
  • Wright, Christopher J. H. “Implications of Conversion in the Old Testament and the New.” International Bulletin of Missionary Research 28.1 (January 2004): 14-19.


Anonymous said...

Wendy, I would love to use some of your sharings. Out here in the great state of Washington we are ahead of your postings by two lessons. Tomorrow being Sept. 10th we will be on lesson 35. Other wards in both Idaho and Utah that I have visited are on the same schedule as well. Your efforts could be used by more if they were current with that schedule.

Just wanted to let you know, Sister James.

Wendy Austin said...

Thanks for your comments and letting me know where you know on things. We were off by two weeks because we had stake conference and branch conference Sundays earlier in the year. Sorry about that. I'll do what I can to get closer to the schedule held by many in the West. (Don't you all hold stake and ward conferences, too? Or will we be catching up in a few weeks? I still feel new to all the schedules and such, being a teacher in this calling only a year now.

Wendy Austin said...

Sorry, I meant "letting me know where you ARE on things..." Wish I could edit these comments....wwa