Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thanks for being patient, folks! Here's Lesson 40 flyer (in .pdf form) (in .pub form)

I absolutely love the new Sunday School Teacher's Home Page on the official site! It seems like they made it just for me, for the flyers, like a home page with all the links I have in my Favorites list. It was never a problem, but this just makes it all the more organized. Also, you may often wonder what I do with the word for the day. Different days I do different things, but I usually look up a significant word in the lesson in the Online Etymology page and see if I can glean more insight from the roots of or connections from them. In this case, I didn't think I'd get much from tent, but then I see that it comes from the feminine form of the past participle of the Latin word "tendere" (to stretch), tenta (masc. = tentus). So I started thinking that in the process of "enlarging our tents" we need to stretch out our arms of friendship and love to others, and in this way we can gather more of God's children into His "eternal tent," so to speak. I'm sure there are more ways to do things with the word, but I wanted to show how I used this in my lessons.

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