Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lesson 42: "I Will Write it in Their Hearts" [.pdf] [.pub]

Here are some interesting articles that aren't mentioned on the Teacher's Home Page:

Lemke, Werner E. "The Near and the Distant God: A Study of Jer 23:23-24 in its Biblical Theological Context." Journal of Biblical Literature 100.4 (1981): 541-555.

Becking, Bob. "Sour Fruit and Blunt Teeth: The Metaphorical Meaning of the Masal in Jeremiah 31, 29." Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament 17.1 (2003), 7-21.

Harrington, Daniel J. " The New Covenant." America March 27, 2006, 31.

*Simpson, Stacey Elisabeth. "Branded by God." Christian Century October 18, 2000, 1035.

*This last one is especially good!

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