Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lesson 15: "I Am the Light of the World" [.pdf] [.pub]

Last week I handed out a bookmark to show which lessons will be on what days, and because I almost confused myself with our being behind, I taught Lesson 13 and 14 together. So also from last week...

Lesson 14: "Who is My Neighbor" [.pdf] [.pub]

Meanwhile, Lesson 15 is a very interesting one. especially for someone who is fascinating with words and writing. In addition to some good talks on the issues/topics brought up in Lesson 15, I found a few non-church related ones that might also provide insight into the lesson:

  • Aichele, George. "Reading Jesus Writing." Biblical Interpretation 12.4 (2004): 353-368.
  • Bergant, Dianne. " `Sin No More!' " America (March 22, 2004): 31.
  • Donahue, J. R.. "The Public Defender." America (March 26, 2001): 46-47.
  • Hamm, Dennis, "Stunning the Stoners." America (March 21, 1998):
  • Robinet, Harriette Gillem. "All is Write with the World." U.S. Catholic (April 1997): 29-

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