Monday, July 23, 2007

On vacation last week...

Sorry about not posting a flyer this past Sunday. I am on vacation visiting my parents. I'll put last week's and this week's flyer up on Friday or Saturday. Thanks for checking the site, though.


Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to do a Flyer for lesson 26. I put one on each of my lesson folders. Now that one is blank.


Wendy Austin said...

Yes, I absolutely will. I hate having that blank spot in my "collection." Admittedly, it takes an extra push of motivation to get it done, but I will do it by Wed. of this week. When I do lessons ahead of time (for MY class, at least), it makes me a bit confused when I'm teaching a lesson on other than the latest flyer I've created. So I have to separate by a day or so doing each flyer 'cause I tend to immerse myself in the lesson contents while doing the flyer.

But YES, the one for Lesson 26 will be posted sometime on Wed. this week.