Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Released . . .

As wards and branches grow and change, so, too, do callings. As it happens (inevitably it is often when becomes comfortable with a calling), I’ve been released from my calling as Gospel Doctrine teacher to serve in another needed area of the branch. Therefore, I will no longer be handing out flyers in my class (won’t be my class). However, I’ve grown fond of making these flyers and, as the site meter indicates, many others have also. I’d like to continue doing these online at least in some form, but I’m not yet positive what form that will take. Doing the flyers has helped me to read the lesson ahead of time, so I may simply use the flyers to help myself prepare for the lesson as a student. I’m not positive what change in format that may make in the flyers, but I’m sure there will be some change.

One thing that may change is the reliability of the postings. Since I don’t have to have a flyer for my in-person students, on a way-too-busy week, I may not be able to post a flyer simply for myself and online readers, so forgive me ahead of time for any lapses that may occur. This spring alone my health issues have caused me to seek substitutes more often than usual: I had surgery on a torn rotator cuff in January, which is slowly but surely healing, lately, more slowly as I have been hit with a 1-2-3 punch of ear infection, sinus infection, and bronchitis, made worse by starting up while out of town at a work conference, so I currently completely miserable and will have a setback with my shoulder physical therapy, since I have been so weakened. Combine all that with the fatigue from my MS and my exhaustion after being gone for another 10 days to help my aging parents move into a retirement home, with my mother having Alzheimer’s and you could understand that I might need a rest of some sort. All this and I’m actually on a sabbatical this semester! Not that my body would know this! Anyway, if you have any thoughts or comments you want to pass along, I’m available, as always, at and would love to hear from you. I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have about how the flyer or blog might change, especially, or if you think these physical setbacks are the Lord’s ways of telling me to take a rest entirely.

On a brighter note, our youngest got his mission call—San Fernando mission, Spanish-speaking—and an acceptance to BYU within the last couple weeks as well! Lots of changes ahead!


Andrea said...

Thank you for all your hard work in posting these flyers. I have enjoyed them. Congratulations on your son's mission call and BYU acceptance. I'm a BYU grad and both my parents are BYU professors (my mother is in the English department--technical writing). GO COUGS!!

Best wishes with your new calling!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wendy, life is busy, complicated and trying for you right now. I have SOOOOO enjoyed your flyers, and do hope you can find a way to continue them. I have personally done the rotator cuff surgery, and can honestly say it was TOUGH to recover from. I will check back occassionally to see if you can work into your busy life these great flyers.

lavinia said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your lessons and flyers with g/d teachers such as myself who have needed the help and have trully appreciated it. I'm sad that this will change however, i'll survive.

All the best with your health, your mothers health and also to your son's call, Congrats. I know Heavenly Father will continue to bless you in your new calling.