Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back from Oblivion

Sorry, everybody, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a while. Our current Gospel Doctrine teacher is great, but I admit that when I had that calling, I did much, much better at reading the lessons beforehand! I gotta repent. Speaking of which, I'll throw in a little joke that my mom cut out and sent me:
Once there was a painter who was very poor. When his parish church needed repainting the members of the congregation and the church elders got together and when bids were considered for the job, offered him the job because while his bid was not the lowest it was close and he was of their congregation. So the painter bought paint for the job and set to work. When he got about three quarters of the job finished it became apparent that he wouldnt have enough paint. Well his bid was about as low as he could go and so he decided to thin his paint some so that it would spread farther. Well he got about half of the remainder done and concluded that he would have to thin what he had left just a little and his paint would stretch to cover the whole church.
Unfortunately, that night a terrible storm came to the town and when the painter was awakened by the crash of thunder he realized the thinned paint wouldn't stick to the walls of the church and would be washed away. The painter is panicked and he realizes that he has betrayed the trust put in him by his neighbors and that he will be shamed in front of everyone.
As soon as the next day has dawned, he rushed out of the house to the church and sees all of the thinned paint covering the lawn in front of the church. Faced with humiliation and possible ruin of his business, he does what is only natural and falls down on his knees and prays.
"God," he says, "please forgive me and help me to see the error of my ways." Just then the heavens open above him and he is bathed in a pearly radiance from above. A voice can be heard in the sudden stillness of the morning that rings as if it comes from Heaven itself. God speaks to the painter and says: "Repaint and thin no more!"
Okay, no more next posting will contain some contemplation...


MarineMartha said...

I am still teaching--now two years. I thought you might enjoy this true story. A boy in my ward was taught in the CTR class to choose the right. At home, he had a teenager brother who constantly was teasing him and so at family prayer, the younger brother asked--if the Lord could help his brother because he constantly chose the left!

Claudia said...

So glad to hear from you again. Keep sharing. From Ontario Oregon