Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pinch-Hitter for Today's class

Hi, everyone,

I know I said I would create more flyers, and I'm sorry I haven't. Life's been so crazy that I haven't picked it up again. I hope to do so again, but right now I have to spend all my free time getting our house ready to sell or preparing to teach again in the fall. Nothing else...unless I'm in Boston, and then I'm doing the latter in between trying to do more wifely things.

Meanwhile, having these flyers online still sure helped me today (and a few others). I was in the Boston 1st Ward sacrament meeting, and there was a mixup in which our Gospel Doctrine teacher wasn't there, and there wasn't even any sub. So, when I found this out, I figured, maybe I should just volunteer, since I had done it so much before. So I did. Still, before I got up there, I printed out the flyer that I had done 4 years ago (for Lesson 27), and the teacher's handbook lesson notes, as well as a study guide, said a quick but fervent prayer that I would teach what the Lord would want me to, and got up there. The flyer came in handy for two key quotes I wanted to use, and, of course, it's important to stick to the scriptures established for that lesson, so I pretty much did that: read those all important passages or asked for volunteers to read them, and talked about how AMAZING these particular actions were. It *IS* SO amazing when you think about it: Jesus had risen from being dead! Many people today simply don't believe that. But he didn't just show up in ghost form to 1 or 2 people; first, he talked to the women who were the first to recognize this AS a miracle; he hung out and showed his wounds to the disciples, and even ate with them. I always thought it was pretty cool that the first people he showed himself to were women. Maybe the women had more faith; maybe the women relied less on logic for knowledge they had; maybe the women showed him the wonderful love they had for Him more readily, who knows.

Meanwhile, I wish I had had a chance to look up the "Today's Word" that I had put on my previously done flyer. "Tetellesti" is the word. It is Ancient Greek for "it is finished," the very last words that Christ uttered in his mortal life. It also translates to mean "it is successfully completed," or "it is achieved," and most significantly, "paid in full." Apparently, in the times when Jesus lived, when a person was in jail, the jailers would put a sign over the prisoner's door indicating how much time he had served, and when he had served his entire sentence, the sign would read, "PAID in FULL." Also, when a debter had fully repaid his monetary debt, he would get a piece of paper indicating that the debt was fully paid back, and the word "Tetellesti" would be written upon the sheet. The root word "telos" refers to a pivotal moment in time. All of these things simply blow me away in how profound they are. Christ paid in full every person's debt by dying on the cross and rising again: Tetellesti. Another person writing about this word pointed out that it is the perfect tense of the verb, indicating it happened in the past, and is still happening in the present.. Another amazing connection. I wish I had been able to bring all this up in Gospel Doctrine class as I was teaching it, but it still is a very cool piece of information. 

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